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Jonas is a videographer specializing in timelapse photography. Since early 2013, Jonas has spent more than 2.000 hours learing the craftmanship. The amount of knowledge he's gained from research, testing and shooting experience will make it hard to find someone with more overall timelapse skill than Jonas. Being able to bend time in nearly any situation fascinates Jonas so much, that he's made a business out of timelapse.
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Since 2013 I’ve spent more than 3.000 hours developing my own style of timelapse. The amount of time and dedication I’ve put into my work has given me completely unique timelapse skills. Excactly that has made me able to collaborate with a variety of interesting companies and brands to help them tell their visual story. My daily network consists of equally dedicated art directors, videographers and storytellers who contribute to improve my work

My Work

I shoot, edit and deliver high quality timelapse footage for your project


Some of the brands I have been working with

I offer all my footage in high quality 4K UHD through the following sites

Contact me

Please don’t hesitate to contact me about your project